The Flight Cape Necklace
The Flight Cape Necklace

The Flight Cape Necklace

  • Limited edition of: 1

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  • Slip The Flight Cape over your shoulders and fasten securely at the neck.
  • Position both your arms upwards and gently push off the ground.
  • Use your arms to navigate through the air, moving them in the direction you want to go.
  • Position yourself up with your arms down, close to your body for landing.
  • Check the forecast before takeoff and be mindful of wind speed and precipitation to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight.

Disclaimer: Pinah is not responsible for accidents that might happen during flying.

This item is part of the Superpowers Collection.

The Flight Cape Necklace, all measurements and weights are approximate.

total length: 30cm

weight: 135g

materials: copper, repurposed plastic, polymer clay


Actual colours may vary slightly from your monitor.


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