These pieces were created for the Dialogue Collective's Fun & Games show at Munich Jewellery Week.

Inspired by the essence of childhood wonder and imagination, the Superpowers Series is a nostalgic reminder of the joyous moments when we believed we could soar through the skies with a simple pillowcase cape or see beyond the ordinary with a makeshift spyglass.

Through these pieces, I aim to evoke the playful spirit of our youth and reignite the limitless potential that often fades as we grow older.

In a world that often feels constrained by reality, I want the jewellery to be a whimsical invitation to rediscover the magic within ourselves, prompting us to embrace our innate superpowers - creativity, resilience and imagination – and to infuse our lives with the same sense of wonder and possibility that fuelled our childhood adventures.

Let these pieces of jewellery be a catalyst for reclaiming joy, unleashing creativity, and embracing the fun in everyday life.