Will you marry me? Ring
Will you marry me? Ring
Will you marry me? Ring

Will you marry me? Ring

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In a world defined by traditional notions of preciousness, this ring invites you to question the value we assign to items and their impact on an entire generation.

Remember when the avocado toast x buying houses narrative was dominating discussions all over the place? One side defending the poor fruit as a trendy breakfast, representing the generation's (millennials) affinity for culinary experiences and the pursuit of a balanced life, and the other one using it to symbolise financial irresponsibility, suggesting that cutting back on avocado toast expenses would magically solve the housing market crisis.

The whole debate is hilarious, but with so much attention, I think it is time we put the avocado in its proper place: a PRECIOUS GEM.

And that's what this ring stands for: challenging societal norms and inspiring a fresh perspective. Perhaps the real gem lies in the beauty of redefining what truly matters.

The brass symbolises strength and resilience, while the avocado stone, often discarded as waste, emerges as an unexpected gem - a testament to finding beauty in the overlooked.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, this ring is a conversation starter, sparking contemplation about the evolving definition of what is truly precious. We must reevaluate our priorities in a society where material possessions can become barriers.

This item is part of the What If? collection.

Will you marry me? Ring, all measurements and weights are approximate.

ring circumference: 2cm

weight: 7g

materials: brass, avocado stone


Actual colours may vary slightly from your monitor.

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