Carolyn Murphy

wears Bossa Gold Earrings

Otegha Uwagba

wears Bossa Choker

Zawe Ashton

wears Bossa Silver Earrings


As seen at London Fashion Week SS24

Experiments to Wear

Exploring the possibilities of what a piece of jewellery can be and what story it can tell


Created by Joana, a Brazilian jewellery artist living in London. Pinah was born from her passion for jewellery, shapes and forms but especially from her curiosity in making wearable objects.

Experiments to Wear is what she prefers to call her pieces. After establishing a concept she begins to experiment and likes to play with different materials throughout the creative process.

Handcrafted. From start to finish, all pieces are handmade through a fluid, intuitive and offbeat approach to making jewellery.

Unique. Her way of working and experimenting means no two pieces are ever the same, making each and every creation truly unique.