Hi there, I am glad you are here. Let me start by introducing myself.

I am Joana, the person behind Pinah jewellery. I am Brazilian from São Paulo, but I've been calling London home for the past few years.

Since I can remember, I have been crazy about shapes, forms and jewellery, of course. Pinah was born from this passion and curiosity of making wearable objects.

My background in theatre taught me to reimagine - rethink - the world around me, and I think it translates in my pieces, which I prefer to call 'experiments to wear'. Because that's exactly what they are, playful experiments.

These experiments are handmade by me through a more fluid, intuitive and offbeat approach to making jewellery. Also, experimenting with different materials is a crucial part of the process. Silver, gold, iron, stainless steel, paper, cardboard, leather, resin, clay… Anything can be used.

This way of working (or playing) became the signature of Pinah jewellery, that no two pieces are ever the same, making each and every creation truly unique.

So besides sharing my experiments to wear, here at Pinah’s World, I also want to share what I find interesting, creative and everything else that moves me.

Welcome to Pinah’s World! I hope you enjoy it ;)


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