We've all heard about the power of books. 

They can transform us, inspire creativity, challenge our thinking, impart knowledge, offer guidance, entertain us… Anyone who has ever opened a book and could not close it until that last line knows exactly how powerful those pages can be.

One of my favourite metaphors on this topic comes from the Mexican mixed-media conceptual artist Jorge Méndez Blake, who creates installations where a single book disrupts brick walls.

the power of a book

His project's first exhibition was in 2007, under the name The Castle, where a 22m x 3m brick wall suffered the impact of a copy of Franz Kafka's The Castle underneath it.

Brilliant! Don’t you think?

I just love this idea of how a simple and apparently small act can make such an impact.

Bringing this idea to jewellery, that was my inspiration behind the Drops of Colour collection, where a single and a small dot can make a lot of difference.

drops of colour collecction

By using sterling silver and a concrete-like resin, I transformed small dots into wearable pieces that, even though they are tiny, they are very strong.

Just as a single book can disrupt a wall, a single dot can make a statement in fashion. It's a reminder that even the smallest things can make a big difference.


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