Be present. Nothing last forever. Enjoy the moment. Carpe diem…

Things like these bombard us EVERY-SINGLE-DAY, and we know it somewhere deep inside our bodies, but do we accept it?


Talking about me, mentally, I am totally aware of impermanence, and that impermanence is actually the only certainty we have in life, but do I accept it? Do I really comprehend what it means with my whole body and soul? I don’t think so.

However, I have been challenged on the matter more and more, making me think about how and when I will have the courage to face and accept it.

So, I guess talking and creating about is a start… a work in progress towards embracing the beauty of change.

And I would like to invite you to come in the process with me.

Keep an eye on here to find out what is about to come.


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