An amulet necklace has been used for centuries by different cultures as a form of protection against evil or to bring good luck and fortune.

Normally made of stones, metals, herbs, and animal parts, amongst other materials, they are often inscribed with mystical symbols and prayers to enhance their power. 

Their popularity never faded, and they are still part of most people’s life - at least part of my life. Yes, I do have a few amulets; after all, good energy never caused any harm, right?!

All my amulets were given to me, and besides being very special, they became a connection between me and the other person. So every time I wear one of those treasures, I know it brings all the good wishes that person sends me, making me very happy.

So, the idea of creating my own amulet was always in my mind. After many attempts at what and how it should be, I brought another passion to the party, the Theatre; having the drama and the mysticism working together, The Amulet was born.

Inspired by the Brazilian theatre tradition when novice actors must have a Galharufa. 

It can be any object; what matters is its symbology. It's a rite of passage.

Whoever receives a Galharufa, wins a theatre godfather, as it is an amulet that the most experienced artist offers to the novices, making them an actor.

Influenced by my own Galharufa that I received from a dearest actor a long time ago during my first play as a professional actress, I decided to create The Amulet.

Handmade with a minimalist aesthetic and a soft touch resembling a stone, no moulds are used to craft it, making each piece unique with natural imperfections and colour variations.

As a piece of handmade jewellery, no two pieces are ever the same, making your amulet genuinely unique.

My Galharufa is an object I treasure; it is my amulet for good luck. 

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