Experiments to wear? What are you talking about? I know, I know... I hear that a lot. So let me explain a bit more about it.

Pinah was born from my passion for jewellery, shapes and forms, but especially from my curiosity about making wearable objects.

My background in theatre taught me to reimagine the world around me, and it translates into my pieces, which I prefer to call 'experiments to wear'.

For me, the creation of a piece always starts with an idea and a meaning. So my main question at this point is, 'What is my purpose in making this jewellery? What do I want to say with it?'

After a concept is established, I begin to experiment and try the best way of translating my idea into necklaces, bracelets, earrings... my 'experiments'.

Also, playing with different materials is a crucial part of the process. Silver, gold, iron, stainless steel, paper, cardboard, leather, resin, clay… Anything goes.

From start to finish, all pieces are handmade by me through a fluid, intuitive and offbeat approach to making jewellery.

This way of working and experimenting became the signature of Pinah jewellery, with no two pieces ever being the same, making each and every creation truly unique.

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