So, what is art jewellery?

art jewellery

Basically, art jewellery, also known as wearable art, is a form of jewellery that goes beyond traditional concepts of adornment. It is an artistic expression that incorporates innovative designs, unconventional materials, and unique techniques to create pieces more akin to works of art than mere accessories.

In other words, it is how some artists prefer to express their ideas.

Instead of precious metals and gems, the concept behind the piece is the protagonist and the use of alternative materials such as ceramics, paper, wood, glass, found items, textiles… brings that concept to life in a unique piece of jewellery.

Sometimes, precious metals and gems can be used in art jewellery, but they are not necessary; they are not what makes that item jewellery.

I prefer to call my pieces experiments to wear because that’s exactly what they are… wearable experiments where I translate conceptual ideas, symbolism and storytelling. 

Through these experiments, I express my emotions, beliefs and social commentaries, making each piece a thought-provoking artistic vision.

Most importantly, I want you to engage with the pieces deeper. 

Does it make sense to you? What are your thoughts about art jewellery?

I would love to hear them. Just leave a comment.


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