London is an easy city to fall in love with. Since my first visit here - way before I knew I would call it home - up to today, London never disappoints.

The parks, the streets, the shops, the markets, the food, the theatres, the museums… There's always something somewhere ready to be found. And I am never tired to look for these 'treasures'.

During one of my latest 'digital strolls,' I found out about the Museum of Happiness, a museum that teaches you how to be happy.

Launched in 2015, the museum is a not for profit social enterprise that shares the art and science of sustainable happiness with individuals, communities, schools and organisations.

They believe that happiness can and should be learned. Through workshops, events and interactive experiences, the museum offer techniques to educate the public on the skills of happiness.

Due to the pandemic, the museum is now online, so you can enjoy it from anywhere.

I spent a bit of time on their website and already added it to my favourites. This discovery made me think, isn't it wonderful that happiness is something to be learnt like anything else in life? Because usually what we learn about this topic is the opposite, happiness is a feeling that you either are or not - and we know very well that it is not that simple. So maybe that's the trick to find happiness; it is a skill, with a learning curve, with ups and downs, it is a process, and most importantly, anyone can learn it.

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