As another year comes to an end, here is a Brazilian poem that I would like to share with you.

"Who had the idea of slicing time into pieces,
which were given the name of the year,
was a genius person.
Industrialised hope
pushing it to the limits of its exhaustiveness.

Twelve months are enough for any human being to get tired and give up.

Then comes the miracle of renovation, and it all starts once again
with another number and the wishing that
from now on, everything will be different...

...For you,
I wish your dreams are fulfilled.
The love you waited.
Hope renewed.

For you,
I wish all the colours of life.
All happiness you can smile to
All songs you can thrill.

For you in this new year,
I wish all your friends to be better,
Your family be more united,
Your life is more lived.

I would like to wish you so many things.
But nothing would be enough...

So, I wish only that you have many wishes.
Big wishes, and may they move you further every single minute,
on the route to your happiness!"


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