The smell of coffee in the morning, the sun touching your face, laughing until your belly hurts, the first bite of that incredible chocolate cake… Tight hugs, lazy picnics in a spring afternoon… Silence, swimming in the sea, a glass of wine, some ice cream...

Inspired by Amélie Poulain's idea of "...cultivating a particular taste for the small pleasures: putting her hand in a bag of seeds; piercing the crust of crème brûlée with a tip of spoon; skipping stones across the St. Martin canal.", the collection Everyday Small Pleasures is an ode to the simplicity and ordinary pleasures of life. 

I absolutely adore this idea of enjoying the small pleasures; after all, those are the moments that will help us build a fulfilling life.

After thinking a lot about this topic - and with a bit of help from Amélie - I decided to create a collection with this idea in mind.

My starting point was that these small pleasures of life have three things in common: 1. they are simple; 2. you need to be aware of them, be present; and 3. usually, they are not fancy at all.

Having this as the bone structure for the jewellery, I decided to translate them into pieces: 1. simple shapes. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets from this collection have simple forms that enable you to wear them anytime; 2. delicate parts, so you need to be present, aware when you handle them or try them on; and 3. colours variations, materials imperfections or even some tools marks contribute to the pieces to become real, with nothing to hide. Just take them as they are and enjoy.

All pieces are handcrafted to order. They all have the signature of Pinah's jewellery, where no two pieces are ever the same, making each and every creation truly unique.

Click here to visit the Everyday Small Pleasures collection.

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