Yes, you read it right! Now you can choose what you want to pay for most of my pieces.

I already had some experience working this way in my theatre time, and I wanted to see how it would work with jewellery.

So, I ran a small trial here at Pinah, and now I want to introduce Choose Your Price for most of my jewellery.

choose your price

Why, you might be asking?

Well, pricing is not an exact science. Of course, you can do simple math to cover the basics and have some profit, but it is not just that; when pricing something, we are actually talking about how much that particular item is worth, and that, my friend, is a totally different story.

Especially when we are talking about a ‘product’ like mine, where it comes from a very personal production, where I put my creativity, time, manual labour and a lot of blood, sweat and tears… How much is it worth? 

Well, for me, in the end, when I finish a piece, A LOT. From a personal and financial point of view. But how much is it worth for you?

There’s no judgement here; it is just acknowledging that we all have different points of view on the actual worth of a particular piece, and it can change according to many factors.

Also, this way, we can bring the community aspect of the transaction. After all, this is not a one-hand deal.

I make the jewellery because I need to create it, and jewellery was what I chose to translate and express my ideas, but you wearing them is a crucial part of the process. 

The way I see it, it is a co-creation process, I make the first part, which is bringing an idea into reality, and you are responsible for the second, third, fourth… part, interpreting and translating that idea on how and where you decide to wear it.

We are in this together. So deciding the price together seems fair. Don’t you think?

Choosing your price

There’s a starting price for all Choose Your Price jewellery; from there, you decide what you think it is worth.

Minimum price - covers the production cost for the piece and the essential cost for running the studio, so I can keep it open.

Fair price - covers the production cost for the piece and the costs of running the studio; it also allows me to have a profit to invest in creating new jewellery and ideas.

Ideal price - covers everything. It is what I believe it is worth.

Pricing someone else’s work can be tricky, so these prices are guidelines.

Feel free to pay what you think it is worth. All amounts are welcome.

So, what do you think about this?

Leave your comments below or visit my shop and decide how much you think my pieces are worth 😉 


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