Are you Pinah?

No, I am Joana, the artist behind Pinah.

Ahh, so who is Pinah?

You have no idea how many times I went through the dialogue above.


I don’t mind explaining it to people, but I (sometimes) wonder if it was a wise decision to ‘brand’ my pieces under another name, and I quickly remind myself that, yes, it was.

Creating my pieces under another identity gives me more freedom and protects me from the vanity of my ego.

When that voice in my head starts criticising my work, I remember, ‘It is Pinah doing it, not me.’

So yeah, creating the character/persona gives me the freedom to experiment with things that otherwise ‘maybe’ I would have restricted myself.

It is a crazy thing; on the one hand, it is me creating, experimenting, doing… everything comes from a very personal perspective… so yeah, it is me. But at the same time, I need Pinah to express myself.

Well, isn’t it what we all do? Create different masks to be able to adequate ourselves to different situations?

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